How To Cure From Flatulence

Published: 28th April 2011
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Flatulence is common for everyone and it is naturally occurring process. Release of gases is normal for every people and it also called breaking of wind.
Human produce approx 15-20 times breaking of gases in normal condition but when it more than 20 it may cause flatulence. And we should Know about flatulence and for which we have more knowledge about flatulence and we can treat it in mannered way.
Now a day it is possible to count how much gases you pass in a day. You calculate it in term of volume, you can count it how many time you pass gas, but when you pass more gases in a day as comparison to other day than you know very well about this breaking wind and you can save from flatulence when you start care of yourself in beginning flatulence.

In normal cases it occur upto15 time but good at 18-20 time. When you breaking wind more than 20 times than you know very well reason of it.
we know very well that what we eat like spicy food, fiber containing food or lactose containing food or milk, cheese or other product which made by milk are main reason of flatulence, so we have to avoid it. Or taking it but in little amount. So we know that what type of food we eat by which We suffer from flatulence.

You check that what food is making a reason of flatulence as what you eat in normal day and you have passed a gas in normal volume. So one day you eat dairy product which make from milk take excess in amount for eat than you find that you breaking of wind or pass gas more as comparison to other normal day when you eat normal food in normal amount. So it is one of the best ways to identify flatulence as compare to other day.
Also you can find other food product by which cause flatulence so easily we can solve out from these problem. So we should reduce that food in our diet which causes flatulence. Mostly people suffering from flatulence, so they don't live life in easy way. Many ideas are possible for treatment of flatulence now a day it come on newspaper and internet and other sources which are connecting to people but they fail to solve of these problem until you not participate in it without any hesitation.
Friend is also helping you in to solve of your problem they give advice to do that what you should do? You have more knowledge about flatulence solution but it will decide to you what you have to do? And you have much excellent and worse solution for flatulence but problem is that you should decide to separate to both of these which you should use.

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